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Topography of Bundelkhand

  The Bundelkhand Uplands is a plateau region broken by low, flat-topped hills

Topographically, Bundelkhand has three distinctive portions.

First, is a northern, monotonously flat plain along the Yamuna, less than 1000 feet above sea level, and devoid of hills or forest patches.

Called Bundelkhand Plain,  the flat plain rises towards the south, in several patches and stages, to a vast plateau called Bundelkhand Uplands or Bundelkhand Plateau. (See 'Physical Relief of Bundelkhand’ map in Bundelkhand in Maps).

The plateau has a gently undulating surface broken occasionally by low, flat-topped hills, which form the third topographical feature of the region. A number of lower Vindhyan hill ranges are seen in the south and south-east and central portions of Bundelkhand, with a maximum height of 2000 feet.

The entire region thus is at low altitude and slopes from south to north. All its important rivers flow in that direction.



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