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Chhatarpur District

  Erotic sculptures at Khajurao, 34 km from Chhatarpur town

The town of Chhatarpur (Census 2001 pop: around 100,000), headquarters of Chhatarpur district (approx. area: 8,600 sq km; pop:14.8 lakhs), is said to have been founded by Maharaj Chhatrasal in the early 18th century and his cenotaph is found here.

During British rule also the district was the seat of power as Nowgong (Nowgaon), a military cantonment town ( pop: around 33,000) in the district was the headquarters of the 'Bundelkhand Agency’ of princely states.

After Independence, Chhatarpur district, which adjoins Panna to the west, was formed by combining the area of number of small princely states, including Bijawar, Chhatarpur, Gaurihar, Alipura, and Lugasi, most of Charkhari and portions of Panna and Ajaigarh.

Khajurao (pop. around 20,000), India's most popular historical tourist destination after Agra, is located 34 km from Chhatarpur town and has Bundelkhand's only airport; there are direct daily flights to Delhi.

A railway line has been laid, to connect Khajurao to Delhi, via Mahoba, but till mid-2008, the track was not deemed fit for superfast trains.

Another tourist destination being developed is Dhubela, 65 km from Khajurao, where a museum housed in a fort displays a wide range of sculptures of the Shakti cult and garments, weapons and paintings of Bundela kings.

Manyagarh, considered the original seat of the Chandelas, and one of Bundelkhand's 'ath koth' or eight strongholds, lies in ruins 35 km south-east of Chhatarpur town.

There is a large water body across the Ken River in the district, called Gangau, which feeds numerous canals going through Panna and Banda districts.

The Ken Ghariyal sanctuary near Khajurao is home to the endangered long-snouted crocodile (gharial).

There are several Chandela and Bundela time artificial lakes in the district, and numerous tanks built in the past by landlords. Almost every village in the district has one or more tanks.

Compared to other districts of MP Bundelkhand, Chhatarpur has a fairly high urban population (22%) and two industrial areas with small units manufacturing pottery and ceramic products, utensils and food stuffs, and engaged in metal fabrication.

The major part of  the district is generally a plain, traversed in the south by a branch of the Vindhyas known as the Panna hill range, and descending gradually in the north to an alluvial plain.

The Ken and its tributaries have cut deep gorges in the hill range, exposing massive sandstones.

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