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Jalaun District

The northernmost district of Bundelkhand, Jalaun has an approximate area of 4,500 sq km and Census 2001 population of 14.5 lakhs.

The district headquarters is at Orai, a town with a population of around 140,000.

Another important town in the district is Kalpi (pop. around 43,000), on the Yamuna river, where the Mahabharat, the longest epic of the world, is believed to have been composed by Vyas thousands of years ago.

Numerous icons and art relics have been found in a mound near the city, named after Vyas.

Birbal, the Mughal emperor Akbar's famous minister, is said to have been born in Kalpi and the town was the location of one of the emperor's major mints. 

More recently, in October 1995, Kalpi was one of the places in India where scientists gathered to see a total solar eclipse.

Only small and cottage industries are found in the district. Notable amongst them are brass utensil manufacture in Katora and handmade paper units in Kalpi. At Madhavgadh, there is a large market for ghee and gur.

The Jhansi-Kanpur railway line runs across the district.

Unlike other districts of Bundelkhand, Jalaun has virtually no rocky hills.

The central part of the district is formed of wide, low-lying land which breaks up into an intricate network of ravines along the banks of Yaumna, Betwa and Pahuj rivers.

Till recent times, the ravines were home to dacoit gangs including one led by Phoolan Devi.

At a place called Jagamanpur five rivers, including the Yamuna, Pahuj, Sindh and Chambal meet. A huge mela is held here every year at Karthik Poornima. 

The traditional source of irrigation in the district was step wells, till construction of weirs and canals in UP Bundelkhand by the British towards the end of the 19th century, from which the district benefited the most.

Jalaun boasts of high productivity of wheat and has highest number of tractors and other agriculture machines in Bundelkhand.

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