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Tikamgarh District

  A large number of traditional tanks is Tikamgarh's most distinctive feature

A large number of traditional water bodies is the most distinctive feature of Tikamgarh, Bundelkhand's central district (approx. area: 6,000 sq km; Census 2001 pop: 12 lakhs), lying to the south-east of Jhansi district, mostly in a level plain between the Betwa and Dhasan rivers.

Of the 900-odd tanks  built by Chandelas which have been identified in the district, around 200 currently meet irrigation needs. Canal irrigation from the tanks is a major reason for the district's relatively high agriculture productivity, especially in the northern part.

The district headquarter, Tikamgarh, ( pop. around 70,000) was called Tehri when it was part of the kingdom of Orchha, founded in the 16th century by the Bundela chief Rudra Pratap.

In the late eighteenth century, Orchha's capital was moved to Tehri, about 64 km to the south, where the fort of Tikamgarh was located, and the town eventually took the name of the fort. 

In the 'Bundelkhand Agency' formed by the British, Orchha was the oldest princely state with highest rank. Its rulers enjoyed a 17-gun salute and the hereditary title of First of the Princes of Bundelkhand.

The village of Orchha, on a scenic location along the Betwa, has temples, palaces and cenotaphs of impressive proportions, and is a major place of tourist attraction. One of its advantages from the tourist point of view is that it is less than 20 km from Jhansi.

Several Jain centres of pilgrimage are also found in the district.

There is a small railway station at Orchha-Newari, on the Jhansi-Allahabad line. Tikamgarh town itself has no railway connection.

A few industrial units are located at Tikamgarh, Niwari and Prithvipur. An enormous amount of stone mining and crushing goes on in the part of the district close to Jhansi.

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