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Highly Marginalised Groups in Bundelkhand

Very far from mainstream society in Bundelkhand are occupational groups like snake-charmers and Kabutaras, one of the 200 odd  'criminal tribes'  during British rule that were 'denotified' after Independence.

Lacking resources, support or skill to take up any other economic activity,  many Kabutaras took to the manufacture and sale of country liquor. Kabutara settlements are usually in remote areas where there is enough wood and water to make liquor.

The Bedias, a nomadic group found in Bundelkhand and some other parts of north India, have a tradition of females working as unmarried sex workers. However, their brothers do marry and their wives do not engage in this work.

While Kabutaras and Bedias are spread across north India, the Baheliyas are found mainly in forests of Panna district, including the tiger sanctuary area. They lead a wandering life, living in temporary huts, or sleeping on bare ground. They are believed to be used by jungle mafias for poaching and theft.






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