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About This Site

BundelkhandInfo.org.in is conceived as a free, online encyclopedia on Bundelkhand from a development perspective. It is web published by Akhil Bhartiya Samaj Sewa Sansthan (ABSSS), Chitrakoot, UP, as a public service.

All text in this site has been researched and written by Ashok Gopal, writer and editor associated with InfoChange, Pune, with inputs from ABSSS and several other people, including other NGOs, journalists and some bureaucrats who have worked in the region for years.

BundelkhandInfo.org.in seeks to analyse and convey a reasonably broad picture of Bundelkhand's backwardness, from the geographical, historical, social, cultural, economic and political angles.

The premise is that 'backwardness' cannot be attributed to only one or the other factor such as income poverty, low agriculture productivity, or low level of industrialisation but has to be understood holistically as a complex result of many factors.

In the context of Bundelkhand, the main factors include peculiarities of the physical environment and climate, political instability for centuries, a highly feudalistic social system, an overwhelmingly land-based economy, and much neglect after Independence as a result of remoteness and relatively low population density which is reflected in low human development indicators.

These are the broad issues covered in this website, in a balanced and structured manner. (To get a picture of scope of content in this website, read Overview of Content or view Site Map).

A large amount of relevant statistical and other information is presented and analysed, with contextual background.  Reference is made to other studies on some aspects of the region. We have also relied on stories accounts of people's experiences and struggles, gathered directly from them, or through newspapers.

Despite these efforts, information and analysis provided in this website suffers from some unavoidable limitations

We welcome contributions to this site, in the form of information, analysis, or financial support for research and web maintenance. Please read Contribute To This Site for more information. Please contact us if you detect any errors or omissions.

Please read Terms of Use before using any information provided in this website, for any purpose.

Unless specified otherwise, all photographs used in this website are by Ashok Gopal, or sourced from ABSSS or its partner organisations.  Maps are indicative and not necessarily drawn to scale.

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