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Contribute to This Site

BundelkhandInfo.org.in has been developed and is being maintained on a shoe-string budget. You can help us keep the site alive, updated and useful in many ways:

  • You can send us reports/documents/publications with information or analysis that can be included in the website (see Note below).
  • You can send us high-quality digital photos or video/audio clips that we may be able to use.
  • You can send us contacts of researchers/experts who could provide us additional information.
  • You can point out significant errors or omissions.
  • You can help us financially, by providing grants/donations to ABSSS for maintaining this site, undertaking research studies and translating and publishing the content in Hindi. Donations will be eligible for income tax benefits, and will be duly acknowledged in this website.

To contribute in any of the above ways, please Contact Us.


Reports/documents/publications sent to us, for inclusion of information and analysis in this website, will be used after exercising due diligence regarding reliability and relevance of information. Reports/published documents may be used in to in the Resources section, or extracts may be used in relevant web pages. In either case, information about the author/publisher will be given. Before sending us any material, please send us an email, using the Contact Us form.



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