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Limitations of This Website

As this website deals with Bundelkhand from a development perspective, many aspects of the region, such as its history, flora and fauna, literature, languages, culture and art, and places of tourist interest, are only cursorily covered here. However, we hope that the references given, and the Resources section being developed, would provide many leads for study in these subjects.

While it has been our endeavour to support all analysis with exhaustive data from reliable sources, we were unable to get such data on many important issues such as:

  • violence against women
  • crimes against members of scheduled caste groups
  • profitability of cultivation of specific crops in specific sub-regions
  • volume and terms of employment in Bundelkhand's mining industry
  • volume and impact of 'remittances' from family-members who have permanently or semi-permanently migrated from the region
  • 'quality' of canal irrigation
  • spread and impact of private schools in rural areas
  • extent of undetected/untreated TB

We hope this website will spur research efforts in these and other aspects of Bundelkhand that have received little or no academic attention.

Secondary data used in this website suffers from an unavoidable limitation. Census and other large-scale surveys are done only once in a few years, and data from these sources do not necessarily reflect current realities. Studies done by NGOs and researchers do sometimes give a current picture, but invariably, the geographical area covered is small.

Hence, we have combined survey data with newspaper reports and incorporated views of people who have worked in the region for many years in the development sector. Wherever relevant, comparisons have been with earlier large-scale surveys, to arrive at clear indications of trends.

Despite the use of these methods, many conclusive statements can be contested; they may not apply to all parts of the region, in equal measure. 

We are deeply sorry that due to financial constraints we have been unable to reproduce content of this website in Hindi. We seek financial assistance for the same. Please read Contribute To This Site for more information.

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